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DD Coil Center Receiving Shape Differences

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Little test I do to check the excalibur DD coils, (Using a audiosears 2463 element/speaker to hear the send field)  as one can see the send field is stronger near the rear of the coil instead of the tip. I'm not sure if this means the rear of the coil can pick up deeper signals but I've always felt I was getting better depth using this area once I had a faint signal. 

In the real world the after burner adds about 4 inches to the depth,  Unfortunately to Hot for some saltwater areas.

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On 5/11/2022 at 8:23 AM, Tahoegold said:

I found out today that NEL jumped the gun making coils for the Simplex+. 

    I guess I'll wait for the Detech 15" which I heard is coming out soon.

   I asked Dilek if Notka/Makro had authorized NEL to make coils for the Simplex+. Here's her response.

Dear Tim,

The only company we cooperated with is Detech is Bulgaria for 3rd party coils for the Simplex+.

NEL has not approached us for any collaboration and thus cannot product coils for the Simplex  (or at least coils that would properly work) as they would need to board and the software from us.

Hope this helps.


Dilek Gonulay

Director, Sales & Marketing

A Sıvatyolu Cd. Sakız Sk. No:4 Sancaktepe ISTANBUL

T +90 (541) 860 45 96 | W noktadetectors.com




So I asked the company that sells this NEL coil to please exchange for a working coil. They said they would. Then they offered a refund. I knew they wouldn't find a coil that worked. So, I went with the SP35. I also got the water proof headphones. I'll get both next week.

    Meanwhile, they still list the coils for sale for the Simplex+ !! What the heck. Well, if anyone reading this can save themselves the hassle from buying one then I'll be glad. No NEL coils work with the Simplex+. None. Buy somethimg esle. The Detech has a contract with Notka/Makro. They are supposed to work.

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