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Just now, NCtoad said:

Thanks Bob!   I guess I could have googled that myself.  LOL.  I sometimes forget that I have access to nearly unlimited information right at my fingertips!   Back in the day I would have had to make a trip to the library to find that info and it might have taken an hour or two to find it IF that info was even at my library.  

I still like books, but yeah, I googled 🤣

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Congrats on getting into the 1800’s and with a barber no less! You have some nice finds as well. 

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On 5/8/2022 at 7:27 PM, UT Dave said:

I got my Nox 800 in Sep. and have been having what I think is pretty good luck with it.  Park hunting isn't my favorite, but it's what I mostly do because I can get in an hour or two after work or between honey-dos.

My goal for this year, was simply to find an 18xx anything US coin.  Penny, dime, whatever, as long as it is 1800's.  I had reasonable confidence I'd find one this year.  But I never expected it to happen in a park!  But it did.  Short park hunt today.  Not very deep, in some tree roots.  A 1895 S Barber!





Couldn't hardly believe it!  Up till now, I've found only two silver Rosies in the parks around here.  The other Barbers and the one Merc I've found were at ghost town type sites.  So I was sure my 18xx coin was going to come from a site like that.  But, nope, park find!

I have been on a tear on the park .925 and gold lately though.  Counting today, five out of my last six short park turf hunts have produced silver and one of them produced 14kt gold.  From just the last couple weeks of short park hunts:









I find those sterling CTR rings fairly regular.  I guess because silver coins are so few and far between for me in the parks, I call those sterling CTR's "Mormon Mercs".  No offense to my Mormon family, friends and neighbors of course.  But they are by far my most common .925 finds.

Anyway, stoked to break into the 1800's!  And it looks like the 1895 S is a semi-key date to boot!

- Dave



Great finds!

   Dime is somewhr in grade good maybe up to 6 top end! Just for fun $60-$75 if it wasnt a dug "environment damage" sample! 

  If your like me you may want to know for conversation or glory or whatever tickles your bag! 

 Disclaimer I'm no numismatist although I've long been grading for my own knowledge and then getting the actual professionals opinion and I'm usually on point!

        Happy days

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