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In The Field Charging Solutions?

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Steve, that is what I use, I have one for my side X side, one for my diesel truck. Has a flashlight, usb port(S) and works great to jump your vehicle.  

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Not sure how portable you need but I use a regular size deep cycle battery on the floor behind driver seat. Attached to that is a female 12 v plug cigarette lighter type with spring clips. Then a 12 v adapter with cigarette 12 v plug ins and USB plugs. This allows me to charge head lamps, radios, detector batteries, wireless ML speakers. Also use for a jump in a pinch if you carry jumper cables.


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Usually when I’m out bush, i use the solar system I’ve built into my camper. I also made a box with standard 12V outlets and usb outlets that I can plug in and charge all my stuff off of. Makes it easier instead of taking up all the other outlets I need for other things. 


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