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Some Unconventional, But Interesting Air/depth Tests

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2 hours ago, Dancer said:

Well hey,  you wouldn't take a Battleship up a river to Battle small craft.    Thats what River Patrol Boats or maybe Destroyers are made for.       For close- in fighting along fences and Tot lot slides ect , gotta pull another tool out of the bag.

True enough. Just did not think the edge sensitivity was quite that much. Of course it is true that the coil is sensitive all the way around, like above the coil too. It will sound off under swings every time and the chains are a couple feet off the top of the coil.

The harder part is knowing what it does not sound off on. What is completely masked is an unknown unknown of course, but looking at how far the coil will signal on really large metal creates a new unknown that is harder to wrap a mind around.

This may be the trouble going around those large field light poles. That is a pretty big hunk of metal, and comes with underground power cables too. Too close to those, actually not very close at all, is tough to deal with. Though it is easier to see what the problem might be, the problem remains.

An interesting topic.


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