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XP Deus 2 And 9in. Coil ~100 Hours Of Use Impressions

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Sorry about your drought. We had a short one here and it was getting hard to dig. Now the farms are all planted. 

Great and thoughtful review. I've been switching back and forth with my other detector and have to say I do find the Deus to be more accurate, I don't find targets off center, and IDs are much tighter. It's light, fast and interoperable.

I still can't say I prefer it to my other detector but it's growing on me.

I especially like your assessment that it will last as a competitor. 👍

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Great assements and insights on the D2. I don't have as much time on mine yet, but I'm finding similar performance but more depth so my soil may be a little milder than I thought in many places. The Deus II is definitely a very unique machine and solid performer for my needs so far and it's an absolute joy to swing all day!

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The Deus 2 does have a lot of positives going for it.  Even though $1600 is a lot to spend, and I'm in the minority being fortunate I can afford to buy a second multifrequency machine I don't "need", I don't regret the purchase one bit.  I've definitely had an enjoyable time outdoors with mine, despite challenging dirt and digging mountains of aluminum and other trash.  :tongue:

One other thing I appreciate about XP is the frequent updates they put out.  The Deus 2 is very good all around right now with V0.71. 

In all the ways I've used the D2 so far, I do think the weakest area of the D2 is small nugget sensitivity.  A smaller coil would help a lot in this area, but I suspect XP isn't likely to offer one.  This keeps the ORX and D1 both relevant in the XP lineup as more focused gold prospecting machines.  

I look forward to future updates and hopefully some nice improvements.  With luck we may even get some new factory programs or even some other performance surprises.  Maybe if we are all good we will even get a 10x5 coil for Christmas?:rolleyes:  


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28 minutes ago, Calmark said:

Maybe if we are all good we will even get a 10x5 coil for Christmas?:rolleyes:  


I'm being good... 🤣

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