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10 minutes ago, Ridge Runner said:

We including me got our butts in the air over high gas prices but you can bitch all you want it’s not going away anytime soon.

 In the past I’ve done with less and I can Sam Hill do it again if the need be .You got to eat at home are wherever you at at the time. So that cost won’t be much different than at home. I know for me it would be less being my refrigerator is not 20 feet away.

 I can’t say I ever like staying in a tent but if that’s the only way I can go and do what I want then don’t stand in my way.

 Now days they make tent’s for trucks and back of cars. Heck you can get one that goes on top of one if you like.

 You sit at home saving that money and yes I know we need to say some for a rainy day but bye the time gas prices go down we may not be here anymore.

 I’d myself would be on the road now if my 99 year old mother didn’t need her 81 young and tender year old son to see about her.

 All I’m saying people is get out and enjoy life while you can because we don’t know what tomorrow brings!

 Maybe after a week you need a fresh coat of dirt check yourself in a motel for a night.

 I like seeing bumper stickers saying we spending our kids inheritance. Like me I want it to be a sad day for everybody when I go .haha 

 I’m just again saying get out and enjoy life anyway you can but remember you may have to adjust to do it.


Good advice Chuck, you never know when things will change for the worse. I'm not far behind you in age, will be 80 in December. I always thought that once I was too old or incapacitated to do regular mining, I could always nugget shoot; big mistake. I didn't count on something like the peripheral neuropathy that I have, that makes just simple walking difficult and dong it on uneven ground just about impossible. Using a cane and trying to swing a detector work against each other. then there is the getting down to dig, but not being able to get up again makes nugget shooting a thing of the past.

So, folks, do get out there and do what you can, while you can, age and infirmities are not "user friendly".

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Jim I’ll tell you a good one! I’ve got a new 800 and it being my third one that yet touch ground . The next will bring tears to your eyes because next to it is a new 6000 that a friend bought and had it sent to me. The reasoning behind this is my friend has problems and I was going to get him and we’d go together nugget hunting. Now I’m not sure if it would be the best thing for him to take him away from his Dr .

 I can assure you that I know how your life can change overnight. My wife in 2018 took a bad fall and because of that she’ll never be the same again and she’s 8 years younger than me.

 The Best To You !


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Traveling alone may seem attractive to convinced introverts. Still, with age, you need more and more company — both from a practical point of view and a mentally sociable: what could be better than sharing new experiences with a pleasant and understanding companion. And at a price, such a trip will be much cheaper than a single tour. Therefore, when planning a vacation, it makes sense to find a traveling companion with whom it will be possible to share a double room (and the cost of living in it). I found such a person on the train https://www.dbfahrplan.com/de/. I am 66 years old, and my friend is 58, so we quickly found a common language.

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I'm liking your thinking Chuck and I sure do try to live by it.

Since the early 90's my wife and I decided to live life now and later on in life...not be sitting in a rocking chair on a porch, saying "I should have done this and or that".  "I wish I would have visited" or "why did we not do"???

My MDing addiction has taken me to 6 different countries and many states in the US.

Glad you have the same "let's just do it" thinking.

Who knows the old body might say "no more" tomorrow.  We just never know.

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Im trying to mix MDing with family life right now too, but as my friends know it is a rare time when I can go with them, especially on weekdays. No bother, my wife and daughter love to go rockhounding and camping now and then so we tend to do both when we can get out together. Once our last fledgling leaves the nest (or gets booted out of it), I will be out a lot more! 😀

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