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Pre-order Now - Coiltek Goldhawk Searchcoils Coming Soon For The New Minelab GPX 6000!

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Hello All,

   Here are all 3 of the new Coiltek GOLDHAWK Searchcoils available for the Minelab GPX 6000 metal detector.  These coils will be first pre-ordered, first shipped.  There will be a high demand for these coils, so anyone interested please get your pre-order in ASAP.  All pre-orders will be shipped by the "pre-order purchase date."  

Here are the direct links to all three coils -

Coiltek GOLDHAWK 10x5 Mono - https://www.robsdetectors.com/coiltek-goldhawk-10x5-mono-searchcoil-for-the-minelab-gpx-6000/

Coiltek GOLDHAWK 9" Mono - https://www.robsdetectors.com/coiltek-goldhawk-9-round-searchcoils-for-minelab-gpx-6000/

Coiltek GOLDHAWK 14x9" Mono - https://www.robsdetectors.com/coiltek-goldhawk-14x9-mono-searchcoil-for-the-minelab-gpx-6000/

All of these coils are 100% Minelab Endorsed, Waterproof to 3 foot, 2 Year Factory Warranty and include Skidplates.  We offer FREE Shipping/Insurance on all the Searchcoils and shipped with the US.  Rob's Detector Sales has been selling and supporting Coiltek products for over 20 years now.  





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I just noticed that they use the old style bolt not the new screw style found on the 6 and GM

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