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GPX 6000 Faults - The Definitive Poll

Have you had a fault with your GPX 6000  

44 members have voted

  1. 1. Have you had a fault with your GPX 6000 coils

    • Yes, I've had to have one replaced
    • No, all good for me
  2. 2. Has your detector itself had a fault, this includes intermittant errors like an ! mark error on the screen and batteries

    • Yes
    • Not yet
  3. 3. Does your GPX 6000 shaft twist?

    • Yes, it does
    • Not yet

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1 hour ago, Calmark said:

I thought I'd give some detail about the 1 issue I've had with my GPX6000.  After 3-4 outings I noticed a rattle from the control box.  I figured a mounting screw inside to attach the shaft was loose.  I didn't want to send it in for that, so I kept using it.  After about 1 dozen days out detecting for nuggets, I noticed the whole control unit was separating from the shaft.  Pondering the cause and looking for a solution, I figured out the screws would be behind the speaker cover and sure enough both were completely out of their screw holes.  

Same, kept hearing the rattling and thought I broke a piece of plastic off inside. Then eventually the box just separated from the shaft and I had to tape it together to finish the day out, and then asked if I would void my warranty by opening it up when I got to my RV. No worries, popped it open and did exactly what you did and put it back together with threadlocker.

It actually happened when a buddy was filming a video on one of my claims, so I guess that particular issue is going on Youtube at some point, but it's not really a detector specific channel. Wasn't really a big deal though, but still, yeah one of those things like "this is a $6000 product? seriously?". Which was I think was more or less my immediate reaction when it happened mid swing on video and having to tape my new detector together.

My friend's 11" coil from that same trip went bad and was replaced under warranty too. But so far mine is still doing ok, if a little more touch sensitive then it was new. 


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6 minutes ago, Purplehays69 said:

If ya don't like the 6000 get rid of it. 

That's what I was thinking the whole time and that's exactly what I did with my 6.  No issues, the 6 does wake up pounded patches, sniffs out the tinys, has depth, good ergonomics, and seems to do everything it was designed to do and a good job at that!  I parted with mine as I tired of having to wait on air traffic to clear (1-2min usually) and stop hunting while watching planes leave and listening to the 6 to settle back down so I could continue my hunts. Not a real big deal but annoying as managing my time is very important to me.  Now that I'm back using the SDC the air traffic doesn't interrupt my hunting one bit.  I now notice how many planes are overhead daily and I estimate 20-30 per 5-6hr hunt...it's insane!!!!  Another very minor personal "issue" I had with my 6 was the fact that in order to lighten up the 6 Minelab had to understandably cut a few corners on the machine so imo it's kinda delicate (?), or at least that's the way I treated mine.  If the SDC falls down the mtn or gets banged around I KNOW it'll come out just fine, it's a battleship.  So I parted with mine even though I was very impressed with it's performance in between ever present frustrating air traffic...jmo's

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Just to lighten up this thread….

GP3500 to SD2100: You tough son of a bitch…….wotcha wearin’ ?

SD2100: Full Metal Jacket

GP3500: Sssswwwweeeeeeet

SD2100: You still da main man though….that GB button is killer

GP3500: Yeah but you always got my back if I ever go down

SD2100: Thanks Bro……let’s go find some real nuggets

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I've tidied up my unnecessary comments in the discussion with JP. In respect of JP I thought my comments were best tidied up, they were not important to the poll itself and we were a bit off course with our discussion.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the poll so far, it can be a bit daunting for a potential GPX 6000 customer to read these big long threads with people talking about their problems with very little balance on the other side of it with how many people are happy with theirs and so far the poll results are demonstrating the faults while they do exist are not terrible numbers like it may seem reading the problem/fault threads other than the shaft twisting so new purchasers will know that is something they can likely expect to have happen to them. That's the point of a poll, to get a real balanced result consolidated into an easy to understand result without having to read many pages and threads all over the place to work it out.

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to GPX 6000 Faults - The Definitive Poll
On 6/1/2022 at 5:16 PM, Purplehays69 said:

If ya don't like the 6000 get rid of it. If ya don't like the Torus get rid of it. There'd be nothing more to say on any forum....

Love the 6000 just don't like having to send stuff back every other day.Yeh na wont get rid of it.

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On 6/1/2022 at 5:53 PM, schoolofhardNox said:

Don't get too caught up in it JP.  🙂  Look,the machine has way too many issues for a $6000.00 machine. People are frustrated and Minelab is quiet, so the inevitable result is people are going to bitch. If the company chooses to not respond to the criticism, then it finds it's way to forums, as it should. An apology from the manufacturer could go a long way to building back trust in the quality of their machines. I too wonder how long mine will last and how much it will cost to fix after the warranty has expired. There is no excuse for the world's best metal detector company to be releasing these types of machines. People matter, and our time matters too. It's hard not to get caught up in the bashing of a company that remains silent. Eventually you just chalk it up to their profit and shareholders are more important than their customers. ☹️

Well said mate👍

The truth sometimes hurts.


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