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Possible Meteorite?

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I have a unique looking rock that I found in a field in Oklahoma, and I'm curious of it's a meteorite. It's magnetic, and about 4.7lbs. Anybody have any ideas? Feel free to email me.





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I'm not the best person to respond to this, but I will give you my opinion on it. Usually meteorites have a glazed over surface due to the high temperatures caused by friction in the Earth's atmosphere. So they would look melted on the surface. You would not generally see tiny holes where the gas escaped, so I'm thinking yours has to do with iron foundries. Hopefully someone who know meteorites will respond and give you a solid answer.

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Usually that kind of stuff is railroad clinker/ballast, kid picked it up from a track somewhere and then later discarded it. I used to be one such kid. :laugh:

BX908 Clinkers


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