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Cool Button With A Twist!

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Nice one, Shark. 👍 It almost feels personal when there's thread on buttons. Nice old one! Still want to see the trash, you may be finding cool stuff and not know it. I've been called sometimes. 😀

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I found a 4 hole brass button several years ago that I didn't think was very old but have since used it to replace a lost button. 

I think if I found any that old that were still whole I would want to re use them on a shirt or jacket . I realize I could lose one ,,,but then I could look for it again !!!!

Wondering if anyone else has done this? 

Did the thread break up when you checked it out or was it still strong ?

I do leather stitching by hand sometimes and thread that lasted that long would be something that I'd be interested in learning about as much as the button itself !


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