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Coiltek Goldhawk No Prepayment Orders Now Open Minelab Gpx-6000 Only

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Gerry’s Detectors is now taking non payment Pre Orders at this time.

These new GOLDHAWK series coils by CoilTek are currently designed for the new Minelab GPX-6000 only.

CoilTek is a leading manufacture of professional high performance aftermarket coils built exclusively to fit your Minelab.  In fact, Coiltek goes almost to the beginning with Minelab detectors and to this day they work closely providing a variety of benefits, including, extra performance, depth, sensitivity, ground coverage and just all around more user options for your detecting styles. They are not like many pop ups of recent that just mass market coils for many different brands and or models of detectors.  Coiltek likes to get deep, dirty and in the cracks with Minelab, just like gold nuggets seem to do.  If you already own the King of gold detectors a GPX-6000, you know the importance of finding gold and having these coils in your arsenal just means more gold in your pouch.

Gerry’s Detectors has been a very long time user of CoilTek coils and his team of Field Experts have also been Field Testers for CT.  After all, we know how important it is to have the edge when detecting the same ground as everyone else.  Why does Minelab not build the same coil options?  Beats me, but I’m not going to complain as long as they keep making top performance gold detectors and keep allowing CoilTek to give me more options = more gold.

Do to recent worldwide events I know the rollout of the coils will probably hit a few snags.  I’ve recently witnessed this with other high demand items and the rarity of getting my hands on such product.  So to make sure my customers are not out any money and or stress, I’ve decided to not accept Pre Payments this go around.  That’s right, I don’t want to hold your money in advance and then not be able to get the product in your hands because of something going on that is out of my control.

Here is how I’ll get coils to my customers.  You call 208-345-8898 or email me direct at gerrys1det@gmail.com and I’ll put your name, # and coil options on my list.  When I see that X amount of coils have actually shipped to me, I’ll then reach out to you for payment at that time.  I know this may not work for some and I also know many of you have been long time trusting customers.  I just want to make it clear that I will not be accepting any Pre Payments for items I have no control.

The pricing on the coils and sizes, weights are in the pics. Any gold pics or videos that I post are actual finds my Field Staff and or I have personally found.

I look forward to helping as many customers as possible and I know these new GOLDHAWK coils will certainly up your odds and your game.


Order Code



10 x 5" GOLDHAWK MONO (250x125mm)         $439       $401


9" GOLDHAWK MONO (275mm)                 $466       $425


14 X 9" GOLDHAWK MONO (348x225mm)         $490       $448


The nice chunky yellow metal below was the very 1st nugget I recovered with the GOLDHAWK 10" Ellip coil.


 Looking forward to seeing pics of my own customers success soon.


Thanks, Gerry


Gerry's Detectors


Gold Nugget Detector Field Training

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