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Just a reminder that ads that receive no attention for 90 days or more will be deleted sooner or later. If you want an ad to stay current, add another post to it letting people know you still have it for sale. This also moves it to the top… very important if it has drifted to page 2. But mainly it lets me know you still care about it. The ads are free after all, so I think that’s a small price to pay. The 90 days is from the last post date on your ad thread. If you ignore your ad after posting it, you are basically letting it expire.

Same goes for dealers, but it’s 30 days. Any dealer should know a stale ad is a dead ad.

Frankly, if something has not sold in 90 days, consider reducing the price. Everything I ever posted sold within a couple weeks, because I want to sell, and reduce the price every few days until it does. Something is only worth what people will pay for it, and demanding more than the market will pay….. well, did you want to sell it, or not? :smile: I’ll remind people once again that the latest eBay sales for any item are a good indicator of current market value. Just do a search under sold items.

Finally, if an ad has expired and been deleted, feel free to simply post it again.

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