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Campground Hunt Pt. 5 - Deus 2 As A Coin Shooter (updated)

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I'm just going to update this post, same field same detector, different day. 😀20220618_094246.thumb.jpg.ec3fd8535522b950cb3ea926b6b67e82.jpg

Got 30 more coins and a 1979 Hot Wheels car.20220618_141934.thumb.jpg.1ecbe347482087ce2ed4a46d0d239b12.jpg

The oldest quarter is a 1965. Rest are 70s to 90s again, and a 2021 "crossing the Delaware" quarter with the obverse date. 🤬 Can't believe there's no silver here, but maybe someone cherry picked it.


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  • F350Platinum changed the title to Campground Hunt Pt. 5 - Deus 2 As A Coin Shooter (updated)

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