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Pro Zero 40 Disc

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Had my Pro for a long time.     Tried a couple set ups at the beginning.     After all these years, I'd bet I got less than 4hrs on anything but Pro Zero.     The custom and coin modes just never grabbed me.    But I can't really say why, either.    Gotta be a lot of people like this.  Machine offers different modes, guys stick to one or maybe two for life.    Now a days, machines have near countless of modes to hunt and many never get tried out.  Except for a limited number.  Or am I all wrong on this ???

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For me it depends on not only the site conditions but what detector I am using. AT Max is almost always Custom w/ disc set @31 to break on a regular nail, no notches. The iron tone is too harsh on this machine to run Zero no disc on my relic sites. On all my other detectors I run zero disc & iron volume at a noticeable, but pleasant level. I like to hear it all. I will change up the number of tones depending on what I need it to do.

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