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New Vista X Coil

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The SuperSix 6x8 is a sweet coil. I'm guessing the SuperSix is quite a bit lighter than the 8" concentric. I'm sure the 8" is a nice coil. Concentric coils are know to do well in iron.

For me the SuperSix is such a smooth running coil. I would have to get the SuperSix first and the 8" concentric later. My last Vista detector I never took the SuperSix off.

Also to get more depth turn the ground balance negative (counter clockwise from where it is ground balanced). About 1/2 a turn.

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I would suggest getting both coils, the SuperSix and 8" concentric. One is not better than the other, to me they compliment each other & give you wider opportunities to be successful.

In my high mineral sites I have found a spot on Ground Balance to give the best performance/stability. The depth is there already. Balancing the Gain & Threshold levels for the conditions is the real key to best performance.

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My ground is very mild. I turn the ground balance neg on my Tejon too. I agree, in hot ground, a normal ground balance would be best.

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