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New Life For The Gpz7000, Rohan To The Rescue

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On 6/28/2022 at 7:15 AM, Jennifer said:

I just received confirmation, 17x13 7k NF due out Sept of this year, my money's already down... WOOOO HOOO. This is the PERFECT size for my scrub where I detect. The 17x13 EVO has found me the most colour of all the coils I've swung.


I just heard today that Sept is looking like the release date due to a problem sourcing a component,  was meant to be July.

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There is now a photo of the NF coil on their website, it is a super low resolution tiny photo so I blew it up a bit.


It's the big sucker in the middle with the GPZ shaft obviously.  Bundle wound DOD.   You can see the winding width on the larger of the 6000 coils too. 

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14 hours ago, Jennifer said:

Thanks... I sure wish they'd have stayed with the grey... (I know the black us suppose to be more UV proof but you'd think black would hold the heat a lot more, gross, may stick with what I have, disgusting looking)



There’s a very good reason for the colour Jen, Black is a LOT more UV resistant and tests have shown they are also quite a lot more EMI resistant and stable. A lot of people in OZ are now putting wrap on their coils similar to the material they are putting on 4x4 body panels to protect the coil surface from scratches etc, that might be an option if the overall colour is not to your liking, you can easily bling it up a bit. 😊 


Few pics of my experiences and a specimen found by a tester that weighs 100 grams (easy 2 ounces of metal inside) dug at 2 feet.
Also note the high voltage power lines in the 3rd pic.
Friends face redacted out of respect to his privacy.






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6 hours ago, Chet said:

Why does the label say 17/13 MONO?

Why are you questioning it's personal choices in life, who are we to judge? It's obvious to all of us that's a Super-D but if 'it' wants to identify as a mono coil, who are we to deny it that joy in life. Everyone loves mono's, if you were an every day Super-D wouldn't you want to identify as mono instead?

We all need to stop judging the choices of coils who just want to be left alone and live their lives, mono, DD or whatever makes "them" happy inside....

PS: It's having it's chip removal surgery next month from what I hear, then it will be finally free of those labels and whispers (just keep away from my little Sadie you freak!!!)

Sorry, it was just too easy.


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Was quietly scrolling through my Facebook feed when this little tidbit popped up from JP’s shop page…


Not long now!


Edited by Sheppo
I can’t spell or construct sentences properly apparently.
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