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New Update The Legend

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11 hours ago, JCR said:

Jeff's correction prompted a question to me; if Audio gain is not available in Goldfield, is it available in the other modes when using Pitch audio. Is there a special difference between say Goldfield and Field with Pitch tone other than the kHz used? I'm very glad to have the option of VCO, even in single tone(I was hoping for VCO in 2,4,6 and even 60 tone) What makes Goldfield "special"? I want to build a "Relic mode" similar to the D2.

No promises but you will hopefully get your wish granted... we are not done with updates:-) 

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On 6/29/2022 at 3:23 PM, phrunt said:

Thanks Jeff, I was under the impression and from what I'd seen in videos the Legend wasn't as sensitive to small gold as the Nox, so that's what I was getting at there, tweaking it up to be a touch more sensitive.  Perhaps that was the overly aggressive iron bias messing with it a bit and as you pointed out that's being fixed up in this 1.08 update.

If it can equal the Nox in small gold sensitivity then it's a must have for me, the bunch of features these multi's have over single frequency detectors is always handy and the Legend should end up with a better selection of coils especially if concentrics start to hit the market for it. 


I still don't see a sensitivity issue with the Legend after more testing. It is quite sensitive in my opinion.

So far, the most important settings using the Legend Gold mode are using the Multi setting if possible, ground balancing and choosing the right level of discrimination to handle hot rocks. Some places I have taken the Legend, I can get away with rejecting the first two target IDs and still not lose small nuggets that potentially could have their TIDs pulled down into the ground noise target IDs (1 and 2). Other places, any small nuggets are swallowed up by the mineralization so running with nothing rejected or maybe just target ID 1 rejected is the only way to be sure that detectable small gold is not missed. I have the same decision to make with the Equinox 800 at the same sites.

Simon, if you are able to run your Equinox with part of the iron range rejected like -9 to -6 without losing borderline small nuggets you will probably be able to do the same with the Legend. 

Like Andy B. has said in his two Legend gold nugget videos, being able to run the iron bias at a less aggressive setting may also really help these small nuggets keep from being called iron/ground mineralization so easily..........or maybe it won't help. We'll see.

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On 6/27/2022 at 4:27 AM, Jeff McClendon said:

Independent field testing underway...Release to happen soon.

Not in order from her video…..

1. Iron Filtering from 1 to 8. Current 1.07 value equals setting 8 which will also be default in 1.08.

2. Iron Filtering Stability setting….fine tuner for iron bias when set to 1 through 7. Not active on default setting 8.

3. VCO “Tone Pitch” audio added to Park, Field and Beach.

4. Mute button (long press of frequency button)

5. Factory reset when in User Profile, long press Pinpoint button until FD.

6. Selected setting will blink (not just box around it blinking)

7. Audio Gain adjustment in Park, Field and Beach for boosting audio on weaker signals.

8. Third Multi setting M3 for use on wet ground, coke and conductive ground in Park Field and Beach will lessen/eliminate 10 and 11 (ground) target ID responses

9. Last discrimination setting before shut down will be retained on startup.

10 Threshold tone frequency (pitch???) for Park, Field and Beach will be default 10 and Threshold tone improved.

11. Headphone and speaker audio can be ON at the same time for videos and training.

12. Sensitivity will automatically be lowered during the setting of Notches.

13. Mineralization indicator.

14. Audio during ground balance improved.

I think that is all……

Currently, no price increase.

10X5 and 12X9 coils coming soon.

Thank You Nokta Makro, especially Dilek for accepting suggestions and Burak Tunc (happy birthday!!!) for making them happen!!!


Looks good. I hope it helps with all the issues that i think there are.

The big one i have is the issue with jagged edged bottle caps that come in at 30's to 40's . Real issues on my beaches.

One other thing you say there . No price increase. 

On Youtube there is a site by Joe Blogs and he discuses all the issues regarding Russia and Ukraine and how its affecting all the World economies. It seems Turkey is in the real 5h!7storm and inflation is going through the roof.

Their inflation on products they make is running out of control and could be 100% soon . That will cause price increases and then the Nox may look cheap ! Not that it will make me buy one . The Legend is far superior to the Nox in quality of build .

If the Legend improves after the updates i might even consider another in the next few months and have 2 for the beaches to last me for the next few years.

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