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There Was More Gold In The Grass Roots Then In The Gravel

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 Due to a late snow melt in the mountains and  above average rain in Edmonton, my favorite spots on a local river are still under 3-4 feet of water. I went to another another nearby river not affected with mountainous spring runoff, did some sampling, only to find  3-4 specs of gold per pan. Somewhat disappointed, I grabbed some grass and pulled it out with the roots. A quick check showed about 30-40 specs per pan. Who knew? So, I spent the rest of the afternoon washing roots. I made a quick video showing my process.


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I have found that when I go to a local creek to use my sluice or pan, that I have found just as much from the grass and weeds that grow in the sides of the creek.

Glad that I am not the only one that this happens to, just something that my grandfather taught me several years ago.

Nice video and glad you made it for others.

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I was taken to a claim in the Sierras near Downieville and that was the main place where you would sluice was with roots and grass that had held the flood gold.

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