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Z Link Icon On Ace 300 Screen

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Did Garrett ever put Z link on any of the Ace models?

 Noticed this icon in the bright sun recently but the screen doesn’t appear to be shared with the AT Max.  Was just curious if any of the US or international models had it or if maybe they thought about it at some point and built in the icon.  I believe the 400 has Iron Audio so they may share a screen where that icon is used.9DF5511C-33E7-473E-B2B9-9ADC2573416D.thumb.jpeg.213ad8a4860c927893405ed269838822.jpeg


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Interesting, maybe they have future plans for an Ace 320 and 420 with wireless audio and are just using the screen layout already, I checked My Ace 300i and I can't see that audio icon on it but its over a year old now and likely sat at our dealer for a year or two.  It might be only on recent builds.

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