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Deus II Sniffs Out My Oldest Silver Coin So Far..

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Very nice find and it looks to be in good condition also.

Keep up the hard work and learning the detector and I think it will pay off in the long run.

Stay safe and good luck.

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Nice one Erik! 👍 Did you know that giving a sixpence in dowry is an old tradition and considered lucky?


This is the heart of relic hunting, albeit not profitable like prospecting or jewelry melt or sale value. Finding something that has a wealth of history. The research connects you to the area.

All of us live with the history we have available, so yours is like finding the very first coin John Smith dropped for me. Bravo man! 🏆

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22 hours ago, Erik Oostra said:

Magnetic Island had only been settled for two years before it was dropped.. At that time there was only one settler family living on the island..

So what you are saying is that it is worth more as a historical item than anything else.

I would be contacting the local museums to see who would like to have it for a nice tax break maybe.

They may even be willing to purchase it from you also.

Me I would just keep it for the future to remind me of how I found it.

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7 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

So that coin was "from the beginning of time" on your island !

That's not counting the 7000 years that the Wulgurukaba (Canoe People) lived here.. Most were killed by the first settlers, not just by being shot but also through European diseases and being denied access to waterholes.. Those who survived were forced to live in a Catholic Mission on the nearby Palm Islands, along with many other Indigenous people rounded up from outback Queensland.. The first settlers were closely followed by goldminers, who also played their part in the genocide.. 

Although the island is a dream place to detect old coins and relics, its history is shameful..       

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39 minutes ago, Valens Legacy said:

I would be contacting the local museums to see who would like to have it

Great idea! I know a few of the ladies at the island's history museum, they've helped me out before with dating the gold jewellery I found at the 'silver mine'.. But although they would like to display them, I'm keeping any old stuff I find.. Until the descendant of the rightful owner comes along to claim them, it's 'finders keepers, losers weepers'.. 😁  

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That is a really cool find.

You know the age of the coin but it could have been dropped many years later while someone was trading or swimming.

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Similar to what happened to the locals here in the states !

Only we gave them the gold locations , until someone found some yellow , then they got booted out real quick to a nice reservation that probably didn't even have water .

And they still get kicked around whenever there's a buck to be made . 

That shame was/is a  worldwide pandemic.. seems greed is SOP on this orb .

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