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Is Garrett About To Release A New Gold Prospecting Pi?

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3 hours ago, Gold Catcher said:

Thanks, Steve. That begs the question if the Axiom would not be a better choice than the 6000 for areas with high mineralization (like most of CA). One option would be to trade in the 6 k, get the Axiom, and then safe the money for the next GPZ. Difficult choices.....


I’ve used the Axiom is the worst magnetite laden serpentine ground I can find in California, and the Axiom just purred along. I have yet to need anything but the Fine setting, Slow speed, ground grab. Do the ground grab bounce a few times, go detect. People can say whatever they want about the machine, but it just works, with no fuss. Once set, power off, power back on, all settings retained. From a full reset my steps are:

  1. Go to full sensitivity
  2. Volume so that loudest target is not too loud. Wave over pick and set. Volume is actually a volume limit, does not lower all volume, just high end cutoff. If you want a normal full range volume, use headphones with a volume control. In that case set detector to full volume, and adjust headphones to suit.
  3. Set threshold to suit, for me a bare tone, others may prefer quiet.
  4. Go into menu and change speed from default Medium to Slow (it’s smoother/quieter)
  5. Do a ground grab ground balance.
  6. Optional. Once all other settings adjusted, do an EMI cancel if it seems necessary.
  7. Start detecting, stay low, go slow
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Awesome, thanks Steve. Now comes the tough part: get a hold of one. 😁


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