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Last night on a better tide I went back to a little patch I had found in the morning.  In the morning I had found a few coins but no jewelry but I had a feeling with more beach I could do better.  At night the parking lots near this beach are closed so I had to walk in about a mile but it proved to be worth it.  Soon after arrival I found coins on the steep beach sides and just kept digging for over an hour.  There was much more black sand than the beaches I normally hunt so I decided to change some settings.

My first setting change was to move down from 23 on the sensitivity in Beach 1.  That helped but then I decided I would try some F2 which is normally at 0 for me.  Well, I'm here to tell you it worked like a charm.  The 'noise' went away and I could hear the targets stand out.  Soon after these changes I got a good clear 9 and was hopeful.  It wasn't the 18-21s I had been getting or the 30s for quarters.

Out popped a ring and in the light of my flashlight it looked to be golden but a little light.  Bag it.  Next target 2 feet away was a second ring.  It looked like silver but maybe better so I bagged it.  (The first ring had no markings and we think it is stainless.  The second ring is marked P4SR.  It is not a pure precious metal!)  The 3rd little ring came along a bit later and it is not precious either.  So I didn't have much, right?



Well, not exactly.  If you look closer at the picture there is a wirery looking chain.  I knew it was silver but just thought it to be cheap.  I didn't have my light on when I scratched it with my scoop.  I was just using the half moon light at the time and just bagged it with the other stuff.  I had loosened it a bit but thought it quite corroded.  When I got it home and put some fresh water on it it was much more flexible.  Then it was time clean it with the aluminum foil/vinegar/baking soda/salt.  It blackened quickly and bubbled and then I was able to rub it with just baking soda.  I could now see DY.  I know that to be David Yurman from previous finds.  It is a good feeling .925 chain that weighs in at 22 grams with a 26 inch length.  That is when I was able to find the pattern and identify it as the Open Station Box Chain.






It reminded me of my previous find so I looked it up here:



The tag in the center was found several miles away but on July 22.  That was 3 years ago.  This new chain supports that pendant quite nicely.  It makes for a nice combo.





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Nice find but something wrong with the pics only seeing one


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Ok, I think the pictures are up now.  

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