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Slightly Used Minelab GPZ 19 Coil 800$

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Minelab GPZ 19 - 19x18" Super-D Search Coil (GPZ 7000)
Waterproof 19x18" Search Coil from Minelab, Designed for Minelab GPZ 7000. Find More Gold - Deeper and Faster!

The GPZ 19 Super-D search coil has been designed by Minelab to maximize the performance of your GPZ 7000 and give a significant depth increase over the standard GPZ 14 (14x13") search coil. Minelab field testers have spent several months carrying out significant testing so the Engineering team could deliver a superior accessory coil. Larger coils typically detect deeper than smaller coils of the same configuration. Minelab field test results, in both low and high mineralized ground, using a range of natural gold nuggets, give an average 30%* detection depth increase when measuring performance of the extra large GPZ 19 coil compared to the standard GPZ 14 coil.


  • Waterproof : Waterproof and Submersible to a Depth of 1m/3 ft. Easily Detect in Rivers or in Rainy or Wet Conditions
  • More Ground Coverage : Has 53% More Area than the GPZ 14 coil (14x13"). It’s Perfect for Wide Open Spaces and Covers More Ground in Less Time!
  • Less Ground Noise : Improved Coil Geometry gives Less Magnetic Coupling between Transmit and Receive Windings, Resulting in Reduced Ground Noise
  • Super-D Coil Technology : A Super-D coil Consists of a Central Transmit Winding and Two Outer Receive Windings. Also has Isolated Suspension Windings that are Less Prone to Mechanical Vibration Noise
  • Included: Coil Cover


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