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Awesome Freshly Replaced Screen F75+ Ltd W/boost With Both Coils. 500 Obo

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see steves review


F75+ Features:

New Leading-Edge Technology!

New features make the F75+ more versatile with greater depth, better target separation and audio features that will open up your iron-infested sites!

  • http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/graphics/F75plusfacePlate-300.pngAbility to activate and deactivate DST Mode (Digital Shielding Technology) for the ultimate in EMI Suppression
  • FA (Fast Process) – Improved Target Separation
  • Three new levels of FeTone®: Iron Audio Off, Low or Medium (complements existing “High” setting)
  • Adjustable Audio Pitch now in the Discrimination Mode
  • Embedded Serial Number – Serialization now stored electronically

Fisher F75+ with Boost Processes.

The most versatile high performance detector ever made! It is the industry's premier relic hunting and ultimate multi-purpose metal detector.

  • Boost Process substantially increases depth under most conditions
  • Lightest and best balanced of all high-performance metal detectors; Best Ergonomics in the Industry
  • Powerful Performance Trigger-Actuated Target Pinpointing with Variable Audio Pitch
  • Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display
  • Double-Filter Discrimination Modes for Searching in Trashy Areas
  • Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph and Readout
  • Trigger-Actuated FASTGRAB™ Ground Balance
  • Manual Ground Cancellation Option
  • Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings
  • Backlight – For Low Light Hunting Conditions
  • Low Operating Cost – Typically 40+ Hours with 4-AA Alkaline Batteries

Recommended for:
Coin Shooting
Relic Hunting
Beach Hunting
Gold Prospecting

This F75+GWP package comes with everything a seasoned treasure hunter or new to the hobby metal detectorist might need.

  • F75+ metal detector
  • F-Pulse waterproof pinpointer
  • Digger 12" carbon steel digging knife
  • Free refurb. certificate with transferable and extended warranty
  • View sell sheet
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Would you do a tread for a Like New N/M Legend Pro, about 4 Mos. old. Has the 6" coil also, extra battery, hat, every thing that comes in the box. Never sent in warranty card.  Thanks  Dean

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Her thanks for the offer. My f75+ wouldn't be traded firb anything is keep it if I could it's quite sentimental to me.


In this situation I'm only looking to sell it... Sorry about that. But thanks for the offer.

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