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Legend Update 1.09 Beach Mode Stability Default 5?

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This morning I decided to try out update 1.09 at a local S. CA beach.  The Legend performed well in both the wet and dry sand.  However, I wanted to check the stability setting and was unable to since the "IF' setting had been added in 1.09 and I had forgotten to bring along my update notes.

Not a big deal, though given the number of keypad shortcuts in all of these updates I think I will laminate a cheat sheet going forward.  it's just too much to remember.

Anyway, when I got home and reread the update notes, I came upon the update note regarding stability.  Specifically:

1. Iron Filter and Stability settings have been added.
When the device is working in Multi frequency, select the Recovery Speed setting and press the pinpoint button.
Letters "IF" (Iron Filter) will appear on the right side.

Iron Filter (IF) setting ranges between 1-8 and the default value is 8. Default value 8 is the same as the previous versions (v1.05, v1.07) Legend with no iron filter setting.
Lower IF setting will increase the probability of ferrous targets to be classified as non-ferrous targets and vice versa.
Stability setting (st) is the fine tuning for the IF setting.
When the IF is set to 8, the st setting will be inactive in the Park, Field and Gold Field modes.
When the IF is set to any value below 8, the St setting can be activated by pressing the right or left button and can be adjusted by using the + and - buttons.
NOTE: The st setting in the beach mode is different than this new st setting!

Now here is the problem.  When I follow the instructions while in beach mode the stability setting that I get on my detector is "5" which, according to the manual, should be a default of '1" to ensure that you don't miss small gold.

I did several factory resets to make sure this wasn't operator error (at least in my mind) and each time the default came up as a "5."  I had to manually set it to "1."  Am I missing something here or is this a bug?

Also, just an observation , the black buttons are a royal pain in the neck to see.  I was hunting under a pier and the buttons might as well have been invisible.  I don't understand why N/M didn't give them a grey color or white highlights (which I may add myself).  

Lastly, my Legend was the only one on the beach. Checking targets with other multi users I ran into the Legend held its own.  I came away impressed with its performance in the wet salt sand.

Bill (S. CA)


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there is a lot to try to remember, just like the Mineral meter I completely over looked they had even added a mineral meter


painting the buttons really helps to allow you to see them


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You can buy a fine point white paint pen at Hobby Lobby. It works & wears well. I think NM plans on highlighting the buttons at some point on new production.

The default Beach mode salt stability is 5 if I remember correctly.

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A comparison of the manual for 1.05 (which came with my detector) and the new online version for 1.09 showed that the default setting for stability in beach mode is now 5.  It was previously 1.  There is no reason given for this change.  If you are going for small gold at the beach I would urge you to set stability to 1.  I can't think of a reason why N/M would change this setting. 

I do plan on doing a bit of testing with small gold targets to see how they are impacted by the stability setting and will post the results.


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