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1 hour ago, Kostas 13 said:

okm doesn't have a reliable machine, I would suggest minelab & Garrett.... also Lorenz has great pulses that have big frames for a lot of ground coverage too but you won't find the balance of minelab & Garrett.

I've heard the "unreliability" about Nokta's deepsearching products before, but about OKM...😯

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51 minutes ago, SFi said:

Έχω ακούσει την "αναξιοπιστία" για τα προϊόντα βαθιάς αναζήτησης της Nokta στο παρελθόν, αλλά για την OKM... 😯

okm has been dealing with geophysical machines for many years .. in geophysical machines they make sure to have beautiful images in underground measurements but unfortunately it does not correspond to reality... In short their geophysical machines are simple magnetometers that work in a program and the values they get are totally funny for those who know geophysical machines.... I won't comment on the distance machines because I don't think it's worth saying anything...🙂

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