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Ferrite Ring 8 Years Later

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On 8/14/2022 at 3:43 AM, cudamark said:

Yes, confusion abounds when you start talking American to an Aussie or Kiwi. Order biscuits and gravy in a restaurant and see what looks you get! Getting pissed has a whole different meeting, not to mention the word fanny! 😆

A major lesson learned after moving to Australia is that friends here use words that, in the states, you don’t even use for enemies (much less suitable for this forum). JP’s post was actually quite warm and fluffy relative to the usual vernacular. 

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we are a weird mob here. The steering wheel is on the right side of the car and the cars have boots and bonnets, we don't put our luggage in the front of the car like Germans do (VW) or use a petrol tank as a rear bumper bar likes the USA do (Ford Pinto). The blood goes to our brain as we are upside down, not like those northerner they have the flood draining from their brain down to the feet. To get back to gold beware if you find gold near an eucalyptus forest Aussies might take you into Drop Bear country or feed you a deadly vegemite sandwich. You have been warned.


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