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Wyoming Prospectors Assn....

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I wondered if anybody from this organization is on the forum? I'm a new member, and planning on attending the Aug. 13th meeting at Atlantic City.


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I was a member few years ago.  Back then it was a good organization. Some of the better gold I found in that area is where their claim is on Yankee Gulch, when it was a GPAA claim.  I found a decent nugget on Big Atlantic gulch too.


The South Pass/Lewiston area is neat with fascinating geology. It is a fragment of an Archean greenstone belt.  It has all of the features of a greenstone belt including a synform, banded iron formation, granite/gneiss and gold.  I recommend book the Economic Geology Of The South Pass Granite Greenstone Belt, Southern Wind River Range, Wyoming (1991).

link here



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