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2nd Order Of Coiltek Goldhawk Coils Arrived. Looks At The Pics Of My Customers Success

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My customer used his new GOLDHAWK 10" Ellip coil he just received from me last week.  Went to the same exact site he's been swinging the GPX-6000 with stock coil since last year.  Over 4 grams of nice Montana gold.

The most popular seller is the 10" Ellip because it gets in tightest of areas.  2nd most popular is  9" round as it gets better depth on larger gold than the 10" Ellip but is still smaller than 11" round.  It also hits harder on smaller gold than 11" round.  The 14x9" is for those who want better ground coverage in semi open areas than the stock coil.  It will also be great for use in areas with grass as the extra weight will help keep the coil to the soil.  Both the 10" Ellip and the 14" Ellip are ideal for getting the coil tips in cracks, crevices into pushes and between rocks.  Faster pinpointing with the toe of these 2 coils as well.

Yes my 2nd order of coils arrived and at this time I still have all 3 versions in stock.




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