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First Outing With The Coiltek 10x5" And 14x19" On The GPX 6000


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21 minutes ago, phrunt said:

To follow on from the earlier part of this thread as to if my GPX 6000 11" coil was faulty, it was replaced by our Minelab service agent, they were able to fault it which I'm very happy about, it means I hadn't gone crazy.



Now I will be able to compare it to the Coiltek coils properly, knowing it's a more fair comparison without the 11" being faulty.

Looking forward to the comparisons!  😊

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2 hours ago, WesD said:

Hmmm, so it looks like any full wrap taping of the coil cover cuts the venting off.  My guess, if your staying at a set elevation it wont matter much?

Be aware that the pressure will build up with temperature changes. Different temperature In the sun, in the water, in the car with the windows shut on a sunny day will change the pressure in the coil so a vent is required.  

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I know all about air pressure changes here, we are in a very mountainous area, if I drive up a mountain with a packet of chips in my bag the chips packet swells up to a giant size, sometimes pops and spills all though my bag.  Last week we were not thinking and my daughter took a tub of strawberry yoghurt (Yogurt for the American's that can't spell in English) 😛 in her bag, it went very badly, the tear off top exploded and yoghurt all through her bag going over everything in there.  Others may have experienced it on an airplane, it's very real so having pressure vents on coils is a very good thing I think.  I'll add some photos in a day or so when I next drive up a mountain of a chip packet, they look funny.

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