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Equinox 800 - Beach Metal Detecting

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2 hours ago, Rob in (ca) said:

‘The Nox is still useable, must Operate it as  a PI Detector, you just need to dig all Targets including Iron. 

Not sure how you're detecting as a PI? Why would you have to dig everything?
I had really nasty black sand the last few weeks. My iron ratio was almost the same 5 of 100 targets.  

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On 8/13/2022 at 6:14 AM, Rob in (ca) said:

 Operate it as  a PI Detector, you just need to dig all Targets including Iron. 

Sorry gonna have to call you out on this as well as it can be misleading to newbies...shallow loud sounding targets in the ferrous range can be identified easily in black sand beaches with the 800 thus no need to dig all targets as you would with a PI. 


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I am basically a beginner saltwater beach hunter or at least I don't have as much experience (around 100 hours) hunting some east coast and SoCal west coast beaches with the Equinox. I have hundreds of hours hunting freshwater beaches and too many hours to remember turf hunting and gold prospecting with the Equinox.

I agree with some here and use Beach 1 as long as I can. When salt/black sand noise levels get overwhelming in wet sand and shallow surf, I switch to Beach 2.

I usually use 2 tones, low tone for ferrous with iron volume just loud enough to hear and the other tone with volume on max for all non-ferrous targets. One tone has worked for me too. 

I hunt with the horseshoe button pressed so that no detectable target responses will be discriminated. I have dug some 12" deep silver and gold rings and coins that had mixed ferrous and non-ferrous audio responses all the way down to -9. The same goes for some very shallow micro gold jewelry which may give mixed audio responses between -3 and +5 or so and will give their actual target ID only on the surface.

For a total beginner you might want to dig as many targets as you can to learn the detector's behavior at the beach you are hunting. If trash levels aren't too high that should be easy. If they are, you will learn fast what each trash target especially iron targets sound like. Collect a good sampling of trash targets and the targets you are after, take home some sand from the beach and practice.......

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