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Anyone Here Of Fisher Meaning Any New Detectors?

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To compete with Garrett? Just curious

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First Texas are not doing anything to try to seriously compete with anyone.  

Rumors of a land-based gold detecting variant of beach going AQ Limited Pulse Induction machine are out there and a minor "upgrade" of the well designed Tek-point/F-pulse pinpointer was recently fielded, but that's about it.

First Texas appear content with resting on their aging existing successful designs (e.g., the F19, F70, and F75) and periodically repackaging them with new paint jobs and shuffling them through their three FT name brand product lines (Bounty Hunter, Teknetics, and Fisher).  Sad, really, but would be glad if they totally surprised us.  It collects dust now, but I am never going to sell my F75.

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I've given up all hope of ever seeing anything new from First Texas. All they have done from the start has been to milk what they could from the Fisher name.

The real Fisher company went out of business long ago. Everyone hoped FT might continue the Fisher tradition of quality and innovation but that has proven to not be their intention. The AQ was a feeble attempt to create something new but that appears to have been a failure.

Personally, I think that the decision makers at FT are not into metal detecting. Their motives are purely profit.

It's unlikely they will ever get beyond the Bounty Hunter market niche and will never compete with Minelab, Nokta, or Garrett in quality, value, and performance. They did succeed in improving the Bounty Hunter brand but in so doing, lowered or at the very least stagnated Fisher and Teknetics.


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