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Help Wildlife: Change Out, Cap Or Fill In Pvc Claim Markers

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Went to the El Paso mtns near Randsburg today to go detecting and found a couple defunct hollow PVC claim markers still standing. Pulled them out of the ground and dead birds fell out. I’m sure the people putting them in never even imagined something like that could happen.

If you ever do see them, BLM has approved pulling them out if they are uncapped and hollow, because some have been found with dozens of dead migratory song birds and burrowing owls in them.  If you would rather not pull them out, you could fill them up with gravel or rocks, or at least jam a rock into the top to seal it perhaps but if it’s your claim you can’t use hollow pipe anymore for markers, they have to be solid. It was pretty sad finding all those dead birds and even a shrew in them.6214F34F-D243-4199-A9EE-FAA2FC3EA409.thumb.jpeg.83b26fdf4396dbf49a899dd7814a2d71.jpeg61EEB235-247A-42A1-BB18-4EEECC490BCB.thumb.jpeg.245163d8874143a64d221acae5bd3d29.jpeg

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Good information……I guess they’re a one way death trap for anything that flies in there or think it might be a good home.

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