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Do You Think A New Replacement For The Gpz Is Coming ?

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What’s peoples thoughts on if on is coming next year ?.

personally I reckon the time is right the gpz has been around for awhile now , it’s heavy and can be killer after 9 hours swinging even if they brought out a mark 2 just a lighter more user friendly version Like what the 6000 brought to the gpx lineup . 

It just feels like the time is right for them to bring out the new flagship ..

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I do, have you seen it.... I have a picture...., sorry, couldn't resist...  😀

In all seriousness, the only thing I'd upgrade my 7000 for would be if they released a consumer version of their military GPR. The 7000's power is still good enough for me and other than maybe a few feature things I think a lot of us are pretty happy with the 7k as it is but yes it's heavy but we're also pretty burnt out on chasing dreams that some find out to be nightmares.... the 7k's a known entity with few problems other than weight, not not like we've seen on the 6 so I'm pretty happy just holding onto mine... good topic though, thanks for posting.



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