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Steve's Gold Nugget Detector Guide Update

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A very good update, thank you for doing that.  I often point people to that guide that are asking which detector to buy and when they ask that question the typical response by people is always the detector they own or use, even if it's not the best choice and having a guide like that which runs through the available models is far better than an opinion by a person that has little experience with anything but the detector they own and use.

I've had an instance for example where someones asking which is the best detector for coins on the beach in NZ and in shallow salt water out of the Equinox and Legend which the dealer sold them suit their needs and a person replied the Gold Monster 1000 and was willing to argue to the death that GM is better than the Equinox or Legend as a beach detector showing their handful of coins they've found with the GM on the beach and because its a detector designed for gold their theory was it would find gold rings better, they'd never even touched an Equinox or Legend but were so confident they were right.

The same goes for everything, what's the best pin pointer for this task, whats the best coil for this task etc etc, the responses are often just the product the person owns, even if they've never tried or even know of any of the other options available, that's why guides like this are so valuable.

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It's a rarity. Most "guides" now are some kind of Best This Or That List based on almost nothing at all but a desire to get eyeballs and clicks on ads. The people involved usually know little or nothing, and usually have not used all the products involved. The results are often embarrassing, and even worse, lead people to make the wrong choice. At least I've used the silly things, every one of them, and actually found gold nuggets with every one of them, in real world conditions. I of course only know my areas - I go out of my way to leave what Aussies think up to Aussies. But I know the ground in the U.S. and the gold, and I've got a pretty good idea what works or not.

My personal biases tend to run to the ergonomic almost more than performance, because they all do actually work and can find gold. If I am going to detect 12 hours a day, seven days a week, I want something that feels good on my arm, and sounds good to my ear, and has controls that give me the level of control I desire, without needing the manual to find a particular setting. And in general I'd say I'm biased to new toys. A new detector actually makes me want to go out and detect more just to see what the new one does. Others are far more comfortable with the tried and true that they are used to. I'm trying hard to be one of those people though, I swear! :smile:

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