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Orx Unmasking Setting

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I want to give credit to TNsharpshooter. for revealing this to me , He has made some videos on the masking of coins, or as he says cones, so I got my Orx and began to mess with the setting and this is what i came up with 65 gain works best because it mellows out the iron and still gets good depth , 17.2khz for some reason this higher frequency hits the target the best . but even at 12khz the coin starts comming thru. but not as good as the 17.2 and a must is the reaction speed 2.5 or 3 i like 2.5 as it gives a bit better depth and sound ,Disc 5.5 and 6 if its above 6 the masked coin will not be heard by the ORX and i assume the deus 1 at 2 reaction you will not hear the coin , I was using a dime at 1.5" depth under a lawn mower pin.  also you will get a good sound but the ID will show 06 not a 91 that the dime makes so you are going by sound , try this setting to unmask coins in hunted out spots  It also works in gold program  fine gold ,65 gain, 2 IAR, 2.5 recover 17.2hz

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I tested it in a trashy park and a not so trashy school and i had the gain at 85 it worked very well for general hunting cant say i found any masked targets but i did find over 2 buck in cladd and  one junk ring and an old shot shell , I like it  iron gives a nice crackle so I know its presance


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