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Coiltek 10x5 Vs GPX 11in Minelab

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Phrunt thanks for letting us know that the 10x5 and 11 are basically the same in sensitivity (and depth?).  Could you also compare your 14x9?  This is extremely helpful to me.  Thanks!

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12 minutes ago, afreakofnature said:

Phrunt thanks for letting us know that the 10x5 and 11 are basically the same in sensitivity (and depth?).  Could you also compare your 14x9?  This is extremely helpful to me.  Thanks!

Ok I'll look into it further,  what I'll say so far is the 11" is more sensitive to small targets than the 14x9".  Depth I'm not sure.  The 14x9" also doesn't have as hot of a tip and toe as I would have expected for an elliptical so poking and prodding may not give the desired results. 

In my testing so far I'm not seeing depth increases on small targets with the 10x5" over the 11".  Both are similar with no stand out winner.  Obviously as targets get bigger I'd expect the 11" to win for depth but I'm not concerned about big targets, my focus is on the small stuff. 

The biggest benefit I'm seeing to the 10x5" is the size/shape for tough terrain, it's also lighter and built a lot better than the 11" and runs smoother.

The 14x9" again better build quality and smoother operation, a bit more ground coverage, less sensitivity to small stuff than the 11".  Feels heavier than the 11" but I have no idea the weights down to the gram as it's not a big focus to me.

The 10x5" is a good coil, the 14x9" might be better suited to someone with more big gold around them than I do as I'd probably prefer to use the 11" especially if its was as smooth running as the 14x9".   The 9" Coiltek might be the better one for me than the 14x9" but I do normally like elliptical coils due to my terrain. 

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On 8/19/2022 at 7:38 PM, GotAU? said:

I have both coils now too and besides the better ground handling and smoother threshold with the Coiltek,

Please forgive me and don't think I am going at anyone, but there is some great info posted above.

I'm not here to argue with anyone and will allow folks to make their own opinions.

But I'll give some facts of how the 10" Ellip GOLDHAWK coil will put more gold in your poke.  I really don't care if you agree with me or not.

FACT- The 10" Ellip is more narrow and at the sites we tested it, it did in fact find nuggets that had been missed with the factory stock 11" coil.  If you can't get an 11" round coil all the way to the ground or between 2 bigger rocks, or under brush as well as the 11" round, then you are tough out of luck.

FACT- In all my years of testing detectors and coils, I've been able to get a smoother operating detector with smaller coils.

FACT- Smaller coils see less mineralized ground than a bigger coil. 

FACT- Bigger coils cover more square inches of the same mineralized soil, if at the exact same site.

FACT- The more mineralized soil a detector encounters, the harder it is to respond to same size small target.

FACT- Not all sites have the same soil matrix.

FACT- On bigger gold a larger coil gets greater depth.

FACT- From times past on a variety of gold detectors, the smaller coil has produced better depth on the tiniest of gold.

FACT- From what was mentioned above at the top.  If a detector has "better ground handling and smoother threshold", then you'll be able to hear the fringe and deepest/weakest targets.

Again,  Each site is different and those sites usually have an average size of gold nuggets.  Each nugget and it's density + the depth of it, has a sweet or optimum size coil can hear it.

Either way, if someone is not happy with their coil purchase, at least you tried.  I do applaud folks taking the time to purchase one and do their own testing.  I also appreciate it for the folks who are willing to share their experiences.  Just realize there are many factors of testing to see a true winner and one site is not even in my opinion.  Heck, that's exactly why I have been testing the Axiom in 3 different states.


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