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Different Days

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My last two hunts netted me gold and yellow.   The chain on the scale is 24”, 14k marked and tested, weight as shown.  Finally found a pair of gold earrings in the water … but of course they were plated.  Few deep quarters and 2 more junk chains.  

The next week …. It was this stuff that really looks good in the scoop.   I knew right away that ring was bad news….. but the chain and earring was looking good as I quickly tucked them in my pouch.  But nope …. More junk.  The necklace was open so I detected around and about 3’ away got a 1X1” dangle with a C…. That looked really good but tested really bad.



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Cliff is likely reading the posts.  He’s had the Deus for awhile now.  Summer seems to be a big silver time with all the teens.  Hopefully it will turn to gold.  Seems like a lot are chasing give backs…. Maybe for a recovery fee.  

as far as how the chains sound…. Any target you can hear sounds good in AM.   Depth is always a guess in the water.  The bad chain was definitely deeper and thinking back had a higher reading like 17.  In the dime range…. But some targets do upscale.  I’ve not found gold to be one of them.

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