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Minelab Vs Garrett Marketing

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Input costs for manufacturing are a lot higher in Australia than most places in the word including USA. So for their large volume products Minelab have partnered and out sourced to Plexus Manufacturing who have their  head office in Wisconsin USA and are listed on the USA stock market. Plexus have global manufacturing capabilities so the only reason Plexus manufactures Minelab product in Malaysia & not USA is i guess, cost.

I support local manufacturing where i can - where i can't locally owned and in this case locally designed is second best with secondary manufacturing profits going to our friends in USA and Malaysia.

On a different note - we had two Minelab senior managers show us the new Manticore this month at our Metal Detecting Club general meeting - The reason it was not called Equinox 1000 was that its a totally new design - so while the general shape of Manticore looks similar to the Equinox its totally new - everything has been  redesigned including a new PCB board which is why they came up with the new name. The guys from Minelab were pretty excited (for Australians) about the Manticores capability especially its detecting "power" and the new visual ID function.


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