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Minelab Where Would We Be Without You?

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I’m just as guilty as the next guy poking fun at some of their detectors. Just think where would we be without all the nugget detectors that Minelab has come out with in the past years . I’ve had my share of them over the years and the same with their coin detectors. I’m not going to say I liked everyone but it wasn’t necessary the fault of the detector. I’ve been known to be a hard person to please.

 That this place in time the Nox 800 would be my favorite coin detector. I’m not going to talk about some of  the problems it has had but like me I stay out of the water. By doing that that resolved one problem.

 I believe this new Manitcore is going to be a long reach to outdo the Nox. But if it does that’s okay too. I truly believe Minelab wouldn’t come out with another if it couldn’t out do the Nox. I know what I said at first but the truth is something I got to accept.haha


 You know how we get emails from Minelab. I emailed Minelab back and ask what I’ll call a favor of them. About a week later a well known dealer that I know calls me up saying Minelab said do it. I’ll always remember what they done for me without question.

 I thank you Minelab for being there for us and the years to come.


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16 minutes ago, Ridge Runner said:

You alright Jennifer. I don’t care what they say about you I like you anyway.haha  

 Just look at all those adventures Minelab has taken you on . One day you can sit back in your rocking chair and live them again.

 The Very Best To You!


(((Chuck))) <—- virtual hugs.

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