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Field Test Tarsacci Against The Legend And Deus II

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After five months of testing with Tarsacci on the same site, I can say that this detector performs better in an environment full of iron and ceramics compared to DEUS II and The Legend Nokta Makro. Requires more time to learn and the audio is slightly less describing the objects in the ground. On the one hand, it is not distracting, on the other hand, it causes questions. Iron does not mask as much as in SMF devices. Similarly, the temperature above 30 degrees C The Legend and Deus II lose performance and stability after 15 - 20 minutes, the Tarsacci is doing much better. Maybe it's a performance issue or maybe it's a hybrid technology. I do not know. Target signaling comfort is better in The Legend and D2. In Tarsacci, the object must in DISC mode produce a fast repetitive ding-dong signal. A small copper coin 10mm in diameter by 25cm from a very irony spot is not a problem. Sand soil. Ergonomy is slight better with D2 and The Legend.

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Shelton,    your report mirrors my experience so far with the Tarsacci & Legend on high mineral & iron sites. I do not have the Deus II.  The Tarsacci is unique and sees tricky/deep targets others do not. The audio is a steep learning curve. Quality high ohm headphones are a big help.

The Legend has done surprisingly well on these same sites on shallower targets in heavy iron trash due to it's excellent audio/speed & ability to handle both iron & ground response.

The two detectors compliment each other quite well.

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