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G'day From Australia

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and the end result after processing 32kg of quartz was 33.38g of gold into a bar, so getting just over 1 gram per Kg of rock is a good effort I reckon


end result.jpg

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just filling in time waiting to go to WA again next year, so making the odd things in the back shed to keep busy till then.

Veronica wanted me to try and make an "Infinity Cube" interesting I thought, so I made one big enough for a coffee table, still has to be painted yet and get a toughened dark 6mm piece of glass for the top but it's coming along.





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Nice work!

I've taken a liking to welding too. There is something really satisfying about being able to permanently join pieces of metal together and create something new, almost like a superpower.

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some more progress on the infinity cube, started painting it and have the smokey glass ordered for the top of it.



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