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A Public Thank You To Coiltek

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The last Coiltek (non pin-point) coil that I owned was a Gold Stalker back in 2009/2010 but I’ve been bashing my head in Gold Basin with interference from the Las Vegas non stop air traffic directly overhead so picked up an 11” Coiltek anti-interference coil from @RONS DETECTORS MINELAB’s detectors.

I have the long Coiltek pin point probe and the 3” pin point coil but having never used an anti-I coil, I had no idea the tech behind and couldn’t find anything online about if it was to be run Mono or DD on the front panel. I sent an IM to @Coiltek and within an hour or so had a super friendly, detailed and very informative chat on its use, thank you sir….  Top Tier Customer Service!!!!!!!!

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