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Equinox Coil Cable Connector

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Does anyone have a source for these connectors?

A 90 degree connector would seem to be best...either either soldered or screw attachment.

I muffed my 15" coil today...just ordered a replacement, but I'd like to rebuild this perfectly good coil and have a 15" backup.

I've found HIGO connectors, but I'm not sure about the screw collar size...

The exterior diameter of the Minelab Equinox collar is 15 mm...the internal threads...maybe 12 mm...these appear to be larger than the HIGO "silver" connector.

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Yep...I saw that thread...that's what led me here...

I've ordered a replacement 15" coil...just waiting now...and I have a perfectly good 15" coil (sans connector) bagged and tagged on the shelf...waiting...

Thanks Steve!

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