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Has Anyone Ever Tried This Brand Of Coils For The GPX 5000?

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I've watched a bunch of videos showing the Nexus coils doing air tests and on newly buried dirt with a GPX 4500, but can't find anyone that has done a video showing it in real action on undug targets. Has anyone tried these coils? I'm going to assume since the videos were done in places that appeared to be away from a lot of EMI, that they probably do better in the woods than at the shore where I would want to try them. I did see them hunting some serious magnetite laden soils though. Impressive, but not enough for me to try one without hearing some feedback on them. Anyone ever use one? Thanks.

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On 9/15/2022 at 3:54 AM, NAGANT said:

No nothing about nexus but here is a topic link if you haven't seen it.  


Thanks NAGANT, That's the video that got me looking into the Nexus coils.  I guess I'll pass on them, mostly because they are too expensive to take a chance and find out they suck in EMI 😄

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