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Legend Threshold Update

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Nokta has the Bluetooth HP threshold update posted on their website for download.

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I finally got around to installing the V1.09 & Threshold updates recently. They did install much easier with the new Updater Tool Nokta came out with than past updates. Having the Threshold volume working as it should thru the BT headphones is nice and helpful in a way I was not expecting.

If you are using any Disc/Notch, the threshold hum will blank on the Disc'd target. This is like the Anfibio Notch volume but better because it is different than the Iron Bin tone.   I rarely use any Disc, hunting mostly Relic sites, but will use some in heavy Al trash on town house lots or public areas. In working out a Notch (29-34) for coin hunting these sites the benefit of the blanking of the Threshold really showed itself. 

Because the masking Al trash will down average the coin signal, you can't go by the TID alone. You just dig the repeatable tones. A coin may read TID 35, but you can hear the Threshold blanking to let you know a Disc'd item is masking a higher conductor. If you can isolate the coin it will read near normal but masked it will be down averaged. This really helps when interrogating a target.

For now I'm using this in Park mode, 4 kHz(which ignores un wadded foil/detunes the Al trash well), Recovery 3, Audio gain 3.   2 Tone, 60 Tone & Pitch work equally well with a Tone Break at 20. The 2 Tone is very crisp/clean,  60 Tone paints a good Sonic picture & Pitch gives good Depth perception and is lively. It will alert on my 6" buried Dime with up to 2 pulltabs laying on the surface in close proximity, all under the stock 11" coil. The 6" should be even better.  Nickels & small Gold are trickier. If the Legend can get a peek, it will give a broken/short tone with a TID in the mid 20s-28, bumping up against the Notch wall.  I will adjust the Notch if needed as I use it. If I get into some higher mineral dirt M3 maybe a better selection.

The Legend is proving to be a very versatile & effective machine. And Nokta keeps improving it!



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