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Condor's 2022 Australia Gold Adventure


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I really hope weather hasn't ruined his trip!

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It did not help. I left in the nick of time, steady rain started the day I left. That desert country there is just like here in Nevada, in that you’d best stay put once it starts raining. The terrain just melts into deep mud, with lots of flooding risk.

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Hang in there Steve as you are just now getting the feel of the machine, it's sounds and the gold in their ground.  

Every time I go to a new area that has quite the soil change, it really does take some time to get acclimated (familiar) with the sounds the detector makes on that soil and the kind of gold at the depths it's best at.  Sometimes a site will take a few days to get the wrinkles out, but then the gold eventually comes and it starts getting easier.

When the 4 of us went some years back, all our gold was small up to 2.9 grams.  We ended up with over 100 nuggets and the biggest solid was 2 that weighed 2.9 grams and then my one specimen that was a few ounce.  Tougher hunting than most folks realize.

Good luck down the stretch..




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  • The title was changed to Condor's 2022 Australia Gold Adventure

Steve,  Here's the difference between you and so many others.  You just don't talk and dream it, like so many do.  You get out there and do it and make the memories for the rest to read/dream about.

No sitting in a rocking chair saying "I wish I would have done....."  I don't know what it is with the majority of folks, but they seem to come up with every excuse not to.  Glad my mind is not that way.  I'm about making them, not dreaming them.


Another adventure accomplished.  Well done my friend.

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Well Steve, another trip accomplished as Gerry says.  I'm sure you wanted more weight.  We all do.

The one bright side I can see is that just in case you have to smuggle in your gold in a body cavity it won't be as painful as several more ounces!

One of these days I'll see you in Yuma again.


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