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Help Identifying Old Coin

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You could electrolysis it, just so you might be able to see what it is.

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Try shining a flashlight on it from the side. You may be able to see some faint outlines enough to confirm an ID.

Coppers are fun to find and are a good indication you are detecting the right area. I've found hundreds over the years. Rarely will you get one in good condition but they look pretty impressive when you have a pile of them.


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On 9/17/2022 at 1:10 PM, Troy E said:

So I was detecting at the same park I found a old silver capped bust dime.  Seen a dude I know who just talks to much and didn’t want this guy following me around like a puppy dog.  I got in my car unseen to him, and went to another area.

Looked like original ground, finding square nails in this area.  Using equinox 800 with the 10 by 5 coil using Andy’s coin program but not discriminating anything, iron bias 0, recovery speed was 8. Gain 22.  Found this, was about 9-10 inches down.  Looks like a large cent?

Thanks for any input anyone may give.






I dug one similar to yours, hole and all.  Mine does have enough detail to assure it’s a large cent.  



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3 wheaties today in the same area in two hours.

can only read one is 1957

Soaking the other two in vinegar and baking soda over night.




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