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Misc Coil Covers, External Speaker Set And Other Detector Parts Sale

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I have a bunch of misc odd coil covers that I'm willing to part with.  Most are in the $10 range.  Some fit CoilTek and others fit Nugget Finders and or Garrett ATX.

Also a never used dual set of external speakers (the kind Doc sells).  These have the clips on the back to attached to your shoulders under each ear.  The plug is a standard 1/4 jack and goes into the back of the battery that you would normally plug the headphones.  Great to use in areas that have rattle snakes, bears, lions and or politicians. $25 for the pair.

Call Gerry's Detectors if you are looking for an older coil cover.  I have others, just need to find them.





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Gerry, I'll take the external speakers.

PM shortly.

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