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Arizona Outback And Finders Forums Gone?

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Me thinks our very recent member here may know a little more about Finders demise than he he lets on.

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6 hours ago, Rob Allison said:

Hey Guys,

  There is no question once Steve created the "Detector Prospectors" forum most fell to the way side, including my forums at -


I'm not super active on them, but my forums date back for ever a decade or longer and some good information for anyone that wants to search for a subject.  It's still online, I just haven't kept it hot.  I also have no ads, so I don't generate any revenue from my forums, as the free forums that have all the ads do generate revenue (based on clicks).  

Personally, it's easier for everyone to visit one forum for the most part.  I remember when here in the US, most dealers had a forum and you would see the same posts on 5-6 different forums.  

I believe Bill Southern still has a forum, but also noticed a huge decrease in post in the last 6-12 months.  I think majority of the "buzz" is here, so keep it running! :biggrin:


It would be sad though Rob if Bill S.’s forum closed along with all of Jim Straight’s archive. Yours also has some great information too.

I haven’t checked but hopefully the wayback website archived most of it.

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Hey GotAU,

  I agree, a lot of archived info on the forums.  I still remember the first online forum ran by Ron Long (Uncle Ron) which was hosted by Yahoo, called GoldStalkers Forum I believe.  This would of been back in the late 90's or early 2000's.


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